4 Common Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

Maintenance is vital if you want to keep your vehicle running for as long as possible. One major car problem that maintenance can help you avoid is a blown head gasket. In simple terms, many of the maintenance tasks you perform prevent major engine problems. And a blown head gasket is one of the worst ones by far. 

What Is a Head Gasket

The head gasket in today’s vehicles is a component that closes the engine’s combustion chamber off from the rest of the engine. It plays a part in keeping motor oil and coolant away divided within the engine. When your vehicle is not properly cared for, the engine temperature and pressure can skyrocket, causing a blown head gasket. 

4 Common Symptoms of A Blown Head Gasket

  • Overheating Engine - When the head gasket gets fractured, coolant may make its way in places where it shouldn’t. With a coolant leak, your engine is highly susceptible to overheating. So if you notice the temperature gauge reading high or steam coming from under the hood, please pull over and get help immediately.
  • Bubbling in Radiator - While the engine is overheating, you might notice a boiling or sizzling sound coming from under the hood. When the hot air invades the cooling system, it can cause the coolant in the radiator to boil. Please be very careful and proceed with caution.
  • White Exhaust Smoke - Most vehicles nowadays have little to no exhaust smoke at all, when they run correctly. If you notice an abundance of thick, white clouds coming from your car, it is a major indicator that your engine has started burning coolant. You should quit driving as soon as possible. 
  • Contaminated or Creamy Engine Oil - A blown head gasket often leads to the mixing of motor oil and coolant fluid. You can check your engine oil using the dipstick to be sure. If it looks milky white and contaminated, it is evident you have a head gasket leak.

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