4 Tell-Tale Signs You Have Misaligned Wheels

A wheel or tire alignment is an important tire service that we offer at Endurance Auto Repair & Tire. When your vehicle came off the sales lot, its wheels were aligned correctly at the same angles. But as you drive over bumpy road surfaces over time, these angles can shift and become misaligned. Thus, drivers will often need a wheel alignment from time to time.

The purpose of a wheel alignment service is to restore the angles of your wheels to match one another so that you can achieve maximum control, stability, and handling of your vehicle.


What Causes Misalignment?

 You might be wondering this question (and with good reason). Over the many miles of driving you to do, several of your vehicle components undergo a lot of stress, including the suspension, tires, etc. The wear and tear can be attributed to bumps, cracks, and debris that your car encounters. Your car might also obstruct large obstacles like potholes, speed bumps, or other vehicles. As a result, these accidents can damage your suspension parts and shift your alignment.


4 Signs That Indicate You Need a Wheel Alignment

  1. Your vehicle pulls left or right
  2. Your steering wheel is off-centered
  3. Your steering wheel or car shakes excessively
  4. Your tires are wearing unevenly

If your automobile displays one or more of the above signs, you should consider making a visit to our auto repair shop soon. The dangers of driving with misaligned wheels are quite serious. Plus, ignoring misalignment can accelerate the wear and tear of other components like your suspension and tires. 

To avoid the complications and costs altogether, please bring your car to Endurance Auto Repair and Tire for alignment service. Please give us a call or visit our shop if you have any questions or concerns regarding our tire services.

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