Common Misconceptions Regarding Fuel Economy

Every driver has their methods and beliefs on gas mileage. It isn't simple to know what is fact or myth when it comes down to fuel because there's no easy way to measure it. Let's take a look and clear up the most common misconceptions surrounding gas.


Myth #1: Always roll down your windows instead of using AC to save money. 

This ideology only holds true to a certain degree. A factor to consider is what speed you are driving. It is better to keep the air conditioning on while driving on the highway. However, keeping the windows down when cruising through the city will more likely yield savings.


Myth #2: As your vehicle ages, its fuel economy decreases significantly.

With the proper and routine maintenance, your car will retain its gas efficiency for years and years to come. Vehicles ten or even fifteen years old will experience the slightest decrease in fuel economy. It won't be very noticeable at all!


Myth #3: A higher level of octane will optimize your fuel economy.  Gasoline usually comes in three grades: regular, midgrade, and premium. People tend to believe that the higher the octane level, the more miles you can push out with your car-this is not the case! The engine and components of the vehicle might run slightly more efficiently with higher octane, but it does not translate to better mileage. Instead, you should just stick to the fuel grade that your manufacturer recommends.


Myth #4: It takes more gas to start a vehicle than it does to let it idle.

Modern fuel injected engines start very efficiently. Idling can consume a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour, depending on the engine you have. You should always turn off your engine when your car is sitting still. The only exceptions should be whenever you are sitting in traffic or going through a drive-thru line.


At Endurance Auto Repair & Tire, the best tip that we can offer to get the most out of your fuel is to keep up with your vehicle maintenance! Spark plugs, tire tread, and engine oil are only several of the many items that can impact your gas mileage. As a responsible vehicle owner, you should do everything to prolong the life of your vehicle. If you require maintenance or repairs, we welcome you to bring your vehicle into our shop in Lynchburg, VA, today!

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