How To Check Your Shocks Using the Bounce Test

Is your vehicle's ride quality, handling, and comfortability feeling a bit off? If yes, then you are probably dealing with a suspension problem, and one or more of your shocks are worn out. To be sure that you need suspension repair, you can do the simple bounce test at home before heading to the repair shop. 


What is the Bounce Test?

The bounce test is a quick (5-minutes tops) test that does not require special equipment, tools, or skills. It's simply going around to each corner of your car and taking note of how long it bounces. Here are the exact steps of the bounce test:

  1. Make sure your car, SUV, or truck is parked on a flat and even surface.

  2. Go to one of the corners of your vehicle.

  3. In a swift motion, push down on the corner as hard as possible and then remove any contact from the vehicle.

  4. Observe how your car reacts.

    1. The shock is still in good condition if it springs back up right away to its "at-rest" position.

    2. If it jumps 1x, then the shock has some wear. It will require a replacement soon.

    3. If it bounces more than 2x, then you need to replace your shocks right away.

  5. Repeat the previous steps with the rest of the corners of your automobile.

Besides doing the infamous bounce test, you can also poke around for other signs of a failing suspension system. First of all, you can examine your tires for any bald patches or uneven tread wear. You can also look closely at the condition of the shocks themselves. When inspecting your shocks, look for any bends, rust spots, oil leaks, or any unusual signs.


If your car fails the bounce test or is displaying one or more of the symptoms above (or BOTH), then we urge you to come to Endurance Auto Repair and Tire right away. It would be best if you replace your shocks and struts as soon as you catch signs of wear to avoid a hazardous mishap on the road. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit today!

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