How To Know When Your Vehicle Needs a Cooling Flush

The summer heat can bring about a long list of challenges for your vehicle's engine, which is why most engine overheating incidents occur in the warmer months. When your engine is on, its moving pieces create friction and generate a lot of additional heat. When combined with summer temperatures, your engine can become a nightmare if your cooling system isn't properly maintained. 

Your vehicle's cooling system has a fluid called coolant or antifreeze that has chemical properties to keep your engine cool. Therefore, you need to keep a clean flow of coolant flowing throughout your engine.

Signs That Mean You're Due for a Coolant Flush

Overheating or High-Temperature Gauge - If the temperature gauge located on your dash is constantly high or climbing up when you drive, it means your engine is overheating. When this happens, you know it is time to have a coolant flush. It is recommended to visit a car mechanic immediately if you discover temperature problems with your vehicle to avoid major car problems in the future.

Coolant Leaks - When your car's coolant is low, the engine is probably going to overheat. The fluids contained in your car are secured by seals. Over time, the seals can crack and break. You may notice a bright color under your car. 

Sweet Smell - Coolant has a sweet, syrupy scent. Though this smell can be quite pleasant, it can spell trouble for your engine. 

Strange Engine Noise – Another sign that could mean you need new coolant is if your engine needs coolant. Take unusual engine sounds as a red flag.

In Summary

If your car exemplifies any of the above symptoms, please bring your car to the vehicle experts at Endurance Auto Repair and Tire for a professional coolant flush. We can thoroughly inspect your cooling system to identify if any leaks are present. Moreover, a coolant flush will improve your engine parts' lifespan and prevent them from overheating. Please give us a call or visit our auto repair shop in Lynchburg, VA soon!

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