What Happens During Engine Diagnostics?

If you have a feeling your car or truck is not performing the way it should be, there's a good chance you can verify it by looking into the car's computer. You may also see the check engine light come on, indicating that there's an issue. At Endurance Auto Repair, our technicians use specialized engine diagnostic tools to help us pinpoint your vehicle's problem areas. 


If your check engine light comes on, we highly urge you to get to our auto repair shop immediately. Once you arrive, we can carry out an engine diagnostic, which will allow us to obtain more information about what's causing the problem. It will also help our technicians figure out what kind of repairs you need. By decoding your vehicle's computer, the mechanics at Endurance Auto Repair can diagnose a wide range of engine-related issues. 

Simplified Process of Engine Diagnostics

  • Retrieving Data - We will use a scan tool to get real-time information from your car. The code we obtain will help our team make a precise diagnosis of the problem. 
  • Verifying the Issue - We will then need to double-check the reading manually by getting under the hood.
  • Repairing (or Replacing) - After we locate the problem and analyze the possible solutions, we will go over them with you before starting the repair process. Frequently, it will include replacing parts, cleaning components, and making updates to the car's software.
  • Verifying the Repair - When we complete all the necessary repairs, our shop professionals will re-test the vehicle and ensure that the check engine light is reset and gone. 

If your check engine light is on, or you're experiencing engine problems (car not starting, strange clicking or clunking sounds, poor fuel efficiency, etc.), it's probably best that you schedule an engine diagnostics. We welcome you to bring your car to Endurance Auto Repair today!


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